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Improve efficiencies

The opportunity and subjective viewpoint necessary to see the best way forward are not always available from within your company. A fresh perspective, the right tools and a collaborative approach can reveal prospects and pathways otherwise hidden.

We commence each project with a thorough audit which communicates to us the big picture. We back our strategies with hard facts and numbers, always. Knowing where deficiencies lie and recognising the solutions to rectify them is the backbone of what we do.

Connect with customers

Don’t wait for your customers to vocalise their needs -­ reach out to them. You have the opportunity to direct the conversation and the means by which you converse. We will assist by applying analytics within the digital space. Knowing how to obtain and harness this intel is a key part of our remit to our clients. We advise and devise the most appropriate means for you to connect with your audience, whether via your digital footprint or perhaps aided by a third party channel.

In addition, we can develop and maintain the right voice for your brand and help you to create a genuine and meaningful dialogue with your customers.

Innovate digitally

The key to growth is innovation. Global players such as Google are champions of this philosophy, and recognise the challenges, planning and patience required to realise it. The digital landscape is evolving at an exponential rate so having a team of specialists who have the ability to sift through the newest technologies is paramount. Budgets are tight, so considered application is critical.

As your digital partner, we will recommend the appropriate digital innovations to propel your business.

Full-service digital.

Client Services

In a perpetually transforming environment, smart enterprises require more than just a vendor.

Companies need sound advice and a humble, dependable authority that understands implicitly their needs. We proactively challenge and debate with our clients in order to assist their navigation through the digital landscape.

We believe that mutually beneficial, progressive working relationships exist outside of the borders of the traditional client/supplier affiliation. We therefore strive to become the trusted digital counterpart of each of our clients.

We are considered in our client assignation and value the opportunities that these new partnerships allow.

Services we provide:

  • icon-id-badge-1 Affiliate supply management
  • icon-user-experience-1 Client & account co-ordination
  • icon-button-press-1 Digital media booking
  • icon-clipboard-2 Project management


Creative is not just a service that we provide – it is an experience that we immerse ourselves in. The aesthetic offering at ONQ complements and enhances the full range of mediums that we deliver through, from desktop to mobile, eCommerce and mCommerce and social media and end-to-end campaigns.

Our creative process is meticulously researched and thorough, yet flexible enough to cater to the nuances and idiosyncrasies of your company. We immerse ourselves in analysis of your business, industry and target audience to aid us in developing a solution tailored entirely to your needs.

From the outset of every project to its completion, ONQ consult with our clients at every turn to preserve our ethos of collaboration. We believe in merging expertise in strategy and technical development with innovative and intelligent design.

Services we provide:

  • icon-illustration-1 Illustration
  • icon-information-architecture-1 Information architecture
  • icon-camera-1 Photography
  • icon-imagefocus-1 Responsive design
  • icon-user-interface-1 User experience design
  • icon-wireframe-1 Wireframing


We believe in the power of great storytelling.

Movement and sound are powerful narrative tools. We offer a robust suite of production services to provide our clients with high quality video content for the web. We work in concert with our clients’ strategies and values to develop engaging and visceral motion solutions.

Services we provide:

  • icon-animation-vfx Animation & VFX
  • icon-audio Audio
  • icon-editing Editing
  • icon-interaction-design Interaction Design
  • icon-pre-production Pre-Production
  • icon-storyboarding Storyboarding
  • icon-videography Videography

Online Marketing

Google processes over 1 billion search queries globally a day, and that’s just for keywords. Technology is causing consumer behaviour to evolve at a rate never seen before.

ONQ are a provider of technical SEO and broad SEM services and we imbed ourselves into each client’s domain to ensure they become nimble, innovative and commercially competitive online. Constant assessment and alignment of SEO and SEM deliverables to market and consumer fluctuations is the foundation of this offering from ONQ. We pride ourselves as different from other providers through our advocacy of organic results over ‘pay per click’ (PPC) and a constant focus on agility and innovation.

Services we provide:

  • icon-pencilpaper-1 Campaign planning & execution
  • icon-ribbon-1 Reputation management
  • icon-pie-chart-1 Search engine marketing & strategy
  • icon-spyglass-1 Search engine optimisation & strategy

Social Media

Social media = shared opinions. It is the newest iteration of the human urge to articulate thought. This simple premise informs all that we do at ONQ.

Consumer sentiment has always been a key measure of brand success and now the plethora of social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like bring business and customers closer than ever.

This new environment can be tricky to navigate and it is important to understand how it influences business strategy, objectives and tactical execution. ONQ believe firmly in organic conversion over ‘pay per click’ (PPC) and achieve this by engaging opinion leaders and consumers via the relevant social media channels. We embed ourselves within organisations to impart, influence and drive knowledge management.

Services we provide:

  • icon-file-1 Content management
  • icon-cyclearrow-1 Engagement
  • icon-glasses-1 Research & insight
  • icon-speech-2 Social media strategy


Great strategy is an art form.

ONQ posit that digital, whether ecommerce or transactional, is a unique business undertaking which requires lateral and intuitive thinking long before tactical execution.

Whether a pure play digital or multi-channel organisation, companies must employ traditional business methodologies and practices while adapting strategically to the digital environment.

Working in partnership with clients, ONQ devise, adapt and implement strategies to embed a digital division into an existing business model (Adairs) or successfully execute and maintain a pure play enterprise (Direct Connect).

Our strategy services are continuous throughout an account tenure and influence all aspects of project deliverables. An understanding of the tactical requirements for each client permeates through ONQ as contingent to our internal knowledge management processes and ensures that we realise our own strategic objectives.

Services we provide:

  • icon-ecommerce-1 Digital & eCommerce strategy
  • icon-tickbox-1 Digital assets auditing
  • icon-consulting-1 Digital business process consulting
  • icon-migration-1 Digital migration strategy


ONQ have built a pedigree over the last six years years via a focus on our technical capabilities. Now, we have a new-found ability to match best-of-breed business analysis, technical specification and development and database outcomes with creative direction and design. From enterprise-level transactional websites with every embellishment to tier 1 eCommerce business solutions and mobile and web applications, ONQ facilitate the optimisation of our clients’ digital profile through our technical savvy.

In house, ONQ maintain fully clustered development teams working to an adaptive waterfall methodology. Knowledge management and strict but flexible focus on innovation cycles allows the teams to move fluidly and in concert with technology changes and adaptations.

Services we provide:

  • icon-grid-1 Application development
  • icon-navigate-1 Browser compliance & optimisation
  • icon-cms-1 CMS development
  • icon-database-1 Database development & management
  • icon-envelope-1 Email development
  • icon-cog-1 Functional specification & scoping
  • icon-iphone-1 Mobile application development
  • icon-front-end-1 User interface development

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