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Lumo Energy Careers Microsite

Project details:

Create a space in which Lumo can communicate effectively to prospective employees and showcase the Lumo Energy corporate culture. Assist with HR activities and help Lumo become proactive in the recruitment arena. Generate professional and engaging content to attract high-grade talent.


  • Design and development of a dedicated ‘Lumo Careers’ website independent from the parent site.
  • Creation of a separate platform to allow Lumo to talk about company culture.
  • Development of concept, user experience and user interface.
  • Delivery of engaging and entertaining content via the production of key employee videos (‘A day in the life of…’).
  • Still photography production.
  • Creation of a series of banner ads placed throughout parent site to promote ‘Lumo Careers’ website.
  • Technical integration of SEEK XML job feed & search engine optimisation.